2015 Best Innovations in Email Marketing

Email Innovators were busy in 2015. Here is a list of the new products and services that were introduced into the market last year:

Action Rocket:

Action Rocket released their email editor Taxi and OI unboxed it for you. 

Taxi for Email

Unboxing Taxi from Action Rocket


Adobe's online self-assessment enables email marketers to identify their organization's strengths and prioritize focus areas across four key areas of email marketing: data, content, delivery, and strategy. The assessment takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. Upon completion, users are able to view results in real time and receive a comprehensive follow-up report. All responses will be kept anonymous, but may be used for benchmarking purposes.

Adobe’s Email Marketing Self-Assessment: emailmaturitymodel.com.

Alchemy Worx

Email Agency Alchemy Worx launched a new imaging tool: 

Alchemy Worx launches ImageWIZZ, a free personalized Image tool for Emails and Landing Pages. Boost your email response rate by adding personalized images.

Bounce Exchange

Bounce Exchange released Inbox Retargeting - an enterprise intent based behavioral email automation platform that includes Hyper Cart Abandonment as well as both  p product and C c category Session Recaps.

 Our email service is based on a simple philosophy: the right email at the right time will provide the best results. Most email strategies are only relevant to a small group in a diverse list, but our Inbox Retargeting software was built to treat people as individuals, each 

Campaign Workhup

Campaign Workhub is a collaborative proofing and review solution for email campaigns that eliminates the back and forth over email. Campaign Workhub facilitates email design feedback as well as serves as a central point for the review of HTML coded email for link, copy and layout issues.


Here is the latest innovations from UK ESP dotMailer: 

Liquid markup language

Drag and Drop Landing Page builder

Email Copilot:

Email Copilot was launched in early 2015. They connect directly to ESPs and process raw SMTP bounce logs to 1) Identify WHEN a customer has deliverability problems, 2) WHY they have problems, and 3) provide context necessary in order to understand and FIX the problem. All of this happens within ONE HOUR of the problem occurring. They watch everything including deliveries, delays, bounces, opens, clicks, unsubs, spam reports and more.

Measuremail & Emailmonday

Voice-email (pronounced: voicey-mail) is the term for all voice and speech-based interaction with email. Oddly enough, before 2015 there wasn’t any term for describing this, although voice recognition software like Siri already allows marketers and email newsletter subscribers to: Open your inbox , Scan your emails and Take action like making a call, dictating a note, reply to an email or plan an agenda item. Jordie van Rijn from email vendor selection and Ronald Dubbeldam of Measuremail are the first to develop a method for Apple Siri proof emails, using this coding, they now offer an alternative, optimized text to be read by Apple Siri and possibly other voice-email interaction software.


FanBridge launched stensul (https://stensul.com)

stensul helps organizations reduce email production time, headache and cost by 90%. A non-technical user can create a perfect, mobile-responsive, brand/legal/design compliant email in minutes without needing to know any code or design programs.

Fresh Relevance:

Fresh Relevance released some new features including

Open-Time Images, countdown timers and live images based on ESP data, behavioral data or from API calls.


Automatic Daily and Weekly Emails


Social proof for Web and Email Campaigns


Issue coupons to individuals opening emails or visiting a client’s website.


Goolara Symphonie:

Goolara is a email software company that introduced some new features in 2015: 

Offline Events, which lets you import CSV or Excel-formatted spreadsheets from outside sources, such as point-of-sales equipment, into Symphonie. You can then use the data to create mailings, segments, and dynamic content.

Automation, which added a full-featured, drag-and-drop automation workflow tool to Symphonie. Modules include decision diamonds, waits and delays, write field inserts, A/B Splits, and a lot more, all of this is trackable using the report tools in Symphonie.

As you might imagine, these two features were designed to work well with each other.

Inbox Marketer

Something new from Inbox Marketer: Connect Preference from Inbox Marketer


Mailup released Bee as an embeddable, drag-n-drop, responsive layout email editor. Several hundred applications have already adopted. Pricing starts as completely free. Paid plans for additional features and whitelabeling.


Maropost developed some new capabilities for their Enterprise Email Platform: 

SMS/Push - Built-in mobile marketing channel - you can launch mobile and push campaigns from directly within the Maropost interface, allowing users unprecedented flexibility in integrating their email and mobile campaigns.

Landing Pages - Users can create beautiful and flexible landing pages from right within their Maropost system. Data from the landing pages can be tracked and imported directly with the Maropost system, then used to kick of a variety of channel-specific marketing campaigns including email, SMS, Push and campaign automation.

Data Workflows - Maropost solves the riddle of moving data into and out of your email/digital marketing platform by applying our world-class automation tools to the world of data. Users can schedule data pick-ups, drop-offs and integrations directly from their desktop with no need of IT coding resources. Additionally, any campaign, report or change in your underlying data can kick off an automation routine that successfully moves your data out of Maropost and into other systems that rely on data from your marketing campaigns.

Lift Science

Former Smith Harman founder Aaron Smith started a new company: Lift Science Launches


Litmus is always at the cutting edge.

Instant Previews moves email testing into the building phase, allowing marketers see how their emails will look across every email client and device in real time. Every time you press "save" as you build an email, real screenshots refresh instantly, showing you how your email will look in Gmail, Outlook, iPhone, and dozens of additional apps and programs. 

Instead of manually checking every email to make sure links and images work properly, send Litmus a copy and we'll run dozens of checks for you to make sure it's ready to send. Ten years of research and best practices help to optimize your from name, subject line, and preview text. You'll see how your email appears in popular inboxes and get a Checklist of improvements.

These innovations shave hours off the email creation and testing process, making email production more accurate and more efficient. Former testing hours can now be rededicated to creating new possibilities with email that will improve subscribers’ experience. And marketers will never have to fear "pressing send" again! 

Another thing we quietly released in 2015 was our Community snippet gallery:


Modules of reusable code, snippets are ideal for elements that are commonly used across email designs. For example, doctype, bulletproof buttons, and link formatting. Rather than having to re-write the code each time one of these elements is used, you can use a snippet. Using snippets automates your coding and drastically speeds up development time. 

Litmus created the Community snippet gallery to share our favorite snippets and enable email creators to save, share, and build a library of snippets to speed up their production process.


NiftyImages released personalized images in June and countdown timers in December.


Persado announced its first self-service content automation platform with the release of Persado Go. This platform allows marketers to automate the generation of the most impactful subject lines by leveraging the world's largest database of organized, scored and tagged marketing language, including 250,000 emotional words and phrases. With 6 months in market, the platform is on track to hit 100 customers.


Parry Malm's company launches: Phrasee Feelings Lite


Postup launched ActiveMail, the 1st fully ESP-integrated solution for live/dynamic emails. You can read more about it here.


Sendgrid created Thread: Thread by SendGrid


SparkPost is the cloud platform for sending transactional, triggered and marketing email from the world’s number one email infrastructure provider who’s software sends 25% of the world’s non-spam e-mail. SparkPost delivers quick and easy SMTP and API integration for developers; a dedicated environment with guaranteed burst rates and volume pricing for high-volume senders; and campaign management, triggered emails, and A/B testing for e-mail marketers. All with the industry’s best deliverability, real-time analytics, and at a lower cost than full-service ESPs. For those companies on the path to 1x1 email engagement who manage their own database and targeting, don’t require all of the agency services of a  full service ESP, but who demand the very best in email sending, SparkPost is the answer.  Learn more at sparkpost.com.


Something new from Wylei: Wylei's A/B Testing Product