Email Innovations Week in Review: Week of March 18th

Below are some of jus the latest email innovations released last week: 

 From Al Bsharah, CEO, Email Copilot: 

I'm incredibly proud to announce the release of our visualization and data exploration tools for email marketers, deliverability teams, and ESPs.

As some of you already know, we're taking on deliverability in a very different way.  We're consuming all of your raw SMTP-level data and processing on it in real-time.  This allows us to alert when there are problems and provide necessary context required to actually solve the problem    …all within about an hour.

No more waiting on 3rd parties, digging through log files, building and waiting for queries to run, or hunting for problems (or…waiting for an upset customer to call).

The data exploration piece we just launched is a huge leap towards our long-term goals of growing beyond a "deliverability" company, into more of a "business intelligence for email" company.

I'm sharing this with the OI crew first, before our official announcements next week.  I'd really appreciate your feedback and thoughts!

Our Technology:

This explains what we do, how we do it, and why it's different.

Case Studies:

These show how we are able to quickly solve problems where others simply cannot.

Data Exploration Videos!

Here are some videos showing off the platform and it's capabilities.

This new platform has allowed us to sell into two very large ESPs and a number of large brands doing massive volume, and I'm very proud of how this product has evolved over the past year.

Tanya Wheeler-Berliner, Director of Marketing, Email On Acid: 

Email on Acid is thrilled to announce the release of our Email Editor, which allows individuals to build, preview and troubleshoot emails, all in one place. The Editor includes:

  • An improved development workflow
  • Instant email testing
  • Single client testing for troubleshooting purposes
  • Revision history
  • An image hosting library
  • A snippets repository (and the ability to create and save your own)
  • A CSS inliner
  • A character converter
  • And the ability to start a project with one of our free responsive or fluid hybrid templates.

Fun fact: In less than 24 hours after its release, 61% of the Email Editor projects created include the word “test” in their project name. We’re a creative bunch of people, us email folks ;)

Gain access to the Email Editor for free:

Parry Malm, CEO, Phrasee

We did some research on consumers email usage habits, including if they check email before coffee each morning, at dinner... And... When using the restroom...

All based upon a sample of 940 people in America. We also broke it down by gender and political affiliation.