Friday Pitch Day: The Latest Email Innovations, Dec 2nd, 2016

Every Friday the OI membership gets to pitch their latest tools and services:

Parry Malm says:

Hi all
Who loves jargon? WE DO!
So, as a gesture of our love to email marketing jargon, the Phrasee team is proud to present
In it, you'll find all your favourite terms, explained in Phrasee's own... erm... unique manner. And there is minimum one Zoolander reference, so that's totally not dated at all. 
Also: it's very much a work in progress, so if there are terms we've missed (there probably are loads) drop 'em over and we'll build this bad boy up.
PS - feel free to share it if you like it, and if you don't like it, a sad clown will shed a single tear, and then terrorise you in your dreams. 

Amy Mullen says:

Happy Friday Influencers, 
Just wanted to share some interesting Cyber Week Email Stats we collected. 

Mike Austin says:

Fresh Relevance announces a new feature: Price Drop Targeting.  Ideal for generating more proactive customer engagement whilst encouraging them to purchase.

The Price Drop Emails feature allows emails to be sent to shoppers that have browsed products that have subsequently been reduced in price. Fresh Relevance not only identifies the shoppers who have browsed price drop products but also allows details (including images) of these products to be automatically inserted into those targeted emails so that it is relevant for each individual shopper.

Mike Austin

Elliot Ross says:

Hey All
We’re really excited to launch our Taxi <> Sailthru connector. 
It means you can make awesome email in Taxi, tailor your personalisation and content using info pulled through from your audience data, and then export your email campaign straight over to Sailthru. Let me know if you’d like a closer look, happy to set up a demo or a trial.
We’re also building these out for other ESPs, so if you’re in charge of partnerships/API at an ESP then let me know :)
cheers e

Christian Lankeshofer says:

Hi everyone,
Sorry if this turns out to be a double posting, I used a wrong address the first time.

Happy Friday everyone!

We are looking at the effect the iOS 10 update has on email marketing. Just a little reminder: the apple.mail app now supports list-unusbscribe which is placed very prominently at the top of email messages and has marketers a bit worried. Yesmail took to their blog and published a report with very alarming numbers. They state that the number of unsubscribes has risen so dramatically after the iOS 10 update that iOS unsubscribes already make up for over 50% of ALL unsubscribes. These numbers are plain and simple not supportable.
So we released our own study with some real-world numbers and also a response to the Yesmail post:
Publicare’s study on the iOS 10 mailto-unusbcribe:
Publicare’s answer to Yesmail’s numbers:

Nick Einstein says:

The Relevancy Group is hosting a webinar with 250ok next Wednesday 12/7.

David, Greg, and I will be running through our latest research on email deliverability with thoughts specifically geared towards executive marketers. Please join us, and if anyone has a delivery topic they’d like us to address, email me off list w/ the question and we’ll hit it on Wed.

Register here:

Jordan Cohen | Fluent says:

This week, we released our latest video case study featuring Madison Norton from BuildDirect (he will be speaking at EIS next week as well). Can check it out here:
BuildDirect, an IR 500 company, is an online marketplace for large home improvement projects (e.g., new flooring, roofing, etc.)… they used the Fluent platform, including our recently released ReConnect product, to exceed their stretch goal of 200% email subscriber growth… most importantly, as Madison notes in the video, they were able to acquire engaged new subscribers who converted into customers and drove high ROI for BuildDirect.
We also released a new case study featuring footwear retailer Finish Line a few days before Thanksgiving, can check that one out here:
Thanks all, and have a great weekend!