Friday Pitches: December 16th, 2016

Every Friday, the OI membership gets to pitch the membership on their latest tools and services. Here are last Friday's pitches: 

Mike Austin says:

Contextual Images from Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram
Fresh Relevance created Social SmartBlocks that includes a real-time image of your social feed in your emails and website. Readers can click-through to the tweets to a redirect URL of your choosing. For example, for Twitter, this feature helps to get your Twitter feed and Tweets out to more potential customers by including the SmartBlock in your emails and web pages. Here’s an example, showing our latest Tweet, updated when you open the email:

Jordie van Rijn says:


Woot woot,

As 2016 becomes 2017, high time for the Future of Email Marketing festivanza: For industry and MarTech people like us:

And the ultimate roundup:

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Maren Kelly says:


Email Aptitude just released it's latest case study with Bombas: 
Bombas Triples Email Revenue Thanks to Expert Guidance and Management from Email Aptitude
Success Highlights include:
- Bombas’ email revenue tripled year over year in the first six months of 2016.
- The list of email subscribers has tripled to date, while attrition dropped 88% in 2015 alone.
- In the past 18 months, the growth rate has increased by more than 50% and monthly conversion has grown by 125% YOY.
- Execution of a comprehensive holiday strategy drove seasonal revenue growth of more than 450% year-over-year.