The Friday Pitch: January 20th, 2017

The Friday Pitch: January 20th, 2017

Every Friday, members of Only Influencers gets to pitch their products and services to the membership. Here are the best pitches from Jan 20th:

Palash Bagchi says:

What a day to be acquainted with my new friends. Here is my welcome gift for all of you. 

Use this tool to Check your marketing email contents for spam prior to sending.

I am sure you all knew that there was no software to automatically check emails for spam words, and checking them manually was such a pain. Now be rest assured that your emails will have a significant improvement in open rates and delivery. 

Use it for free, and even let your friends know about it.  Happy weekend to all my friends and to Bill.

Robert Massa says:

Not really a pitch but wanted to share this article that was dropped in Forbes this week on Bounce Exchange:

The Dirty Little Secret Behind The Fastest Growing Software Company


Mike Austin says:

We've just released our Q4 real-time marketing report to share some of the amazing revenue figures our clients are getting every day. Tl;dr - clients increase their sales by 10% by using cart and browse abandonment emails, both of which are are automatically personalized with images of the products and/or relevant recommendations. 

Second pitch from me today - we've released a new eBook "How to build customzed experiences for retail customers". It covers Web and Email personaliation, Real-Time Email Content and Data, Testing and Reporting. Enjoy!