Friday Pitch Day Winner: Lift Science Launches

Friday Pitch Day Winner: Lift Science Launches

Greetings Influencers! I’m incredibly excited to announce my return to the Influencers, and the industry at large with the launch of Lift Science, an agency focusing on digital marketing strategy, analytics and tech integrations.

Our goal is to make data science more fun and approachable, and to help brands build truly groundbreaking, next-generation integrated marketing automation solutions on top of their digital infrastructure. There have never been more powerful tools or computational power available to marketers than we have today, but there’s a huge gap in the industry when it comes to connecting these incredible solutions in a seamless manner to effectively use their advanced features. If you’re looking to connect your company’s product recommendation engine or offer decisioning system to send real time messages through your ESP, we can help.

If you want to find out which customers in your list are likely to move into your highly valued segment or those at risk of dropping out, we can help. You can learn a little more about our senior team and offerings at our site, I’m looking forward to reconnecting online and seeing many of you in the coming months at various industry events!

Aaron Smith


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