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Elena Blagova, Head of Global Operations at EmailSoldiers 
A seasoned email marketing expert with a remarkable background in compsci and programming and 8+ years of experience working with email. Well-versed in email strategy, automation, and dynamic content. Currently working on scaling the agency globally and exchanging best email practices with the marketing community worldwide. 

Writer & editor of EmailSoldiers blog

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Power Up Any Brand’s Email Marketing with Storytelling


Storytelling is a powerful marketing tactic that can level up your email campaigns by provoking emotions and engaging the audience. Customers’ loyalty and trust are often driven by the emotions they feel towards the brand. Storytelling is a perfect way to create emotional experiences between your email subscribers and your company....

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Five Email Marketing Copy Formulas 2022


Email marketing is an oldie-but-goodie tool for getting the word out to customers. But in today's enormous flow of information, it's hard to cut through the noise and make your copy work. People are tired of constant calls-to-action (CTAs); they need something more interesting. Read on to learn my top 5...

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