iPhone viewport

iPhone viewport

Influencer Anna Yeaman shares her tips on properly setting the "Viewport" for mobile messaging on the Iphone:

The Safari browser on the iPhone uses a 980px wide viewport. This means any layout less than 980px wide, will appear zoomed out when viewed on the web.

Examples of mobile versions without viewport defined

To correct this you need to define the viewport, here’s the basic code:

meta name="viewport" content="width=insert layout width, initial-scale=1.0;
minimum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=yes"

Add it to your mobile version and mobile landing pages. While our website is far from mobile friendly, defining the viewport has made it more accessible.

StyleCampaign homepage with & without viewport defined


Email client different from web browser

It’s not necessary to define the viewport for email viewed within the native iOS client. By default, emails are automatically scaled to fit the width of the screen.

No viewport defined scaled to the width

Few tests

When I first stumbledacross the viewport over a year ago, I assumed the Webkit email client was configured the same as the browser. It took a couple of tests to realize the client was doing its own thing.

Here's some of my more recent tests, showing the same layout in the iOS email client and Safari browser (click images for full-sized).

No viewport defined

Viewport defined - width=device width

Viewport defined - scaled 200%


While the Safari browser adapts to the viewport settings, the email doesn't budge.

One reason you might define the viewport, is if an iPhone user opens your email on the web, via the web version or SWYN link (automatically generated from the HTML).

Scales to the height

If your layout is horizontal, whereby scaling to the width would leave dead space at the bottom of the screen, then the email client scales to the height instead.

View STYLECampaign horizontal email

This is one reason not to use excessive footer textwith horizontal layouts, as it will force your content to be zoomed out. Though a wide screen layout also triggers the same behavior. The Goggle Offer template below at just 765x565px also scales to the height.

Viewport scaled to the height

This animationshows how a layout - the same dimensions as Goggle Offers - scales to the width by default, then readjusts and scales to the height. To force the viewport to scale to the width, one workaround is to add an empty table to the bottom to pad out the height.

Above the fold

I doubt its accidental that the Goggle Offers email fits in the first screen, requiring no scrolling on an iPhone. It's important to know where the fold occurs, otherwise you end up with a cut off CTAbutton.

Above teh fold 320px wide

Here's a chart showing some common widths. Click the view link to see a screenshot of the test.

Above the fold on iPhone 4 (iOS 4.3)
For every 50px width + 45px height
320 x 600px 285px view
500 x 600px 440px view
550 x 600px 485px view
600 x 600px 530px view
650 x 600px 575px view
700 x 800px 615px view

If anyone's done any viewport research on the Android, I'd love to see it. I doubt you can override the default scale within the email client which causes content to be zoomed in, but I've not yet tested.

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