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Jenna Devinney is the Marketing and Communications Specialist at Webbula. She manages social media, creates eye-catching content, and oversees web design. She's a jill of all trades writing a surplus of 100+ blog articles over two years in the email hygiene and data solutions space. 

Webbula is the undisputed industry leader in Email Hygiene, Data Enrichment and Audience Targeting services. Check out or what Webbula has to offer. 

Thanks to Chrome Changes, Email is Needed More Than Ever

Nearly all Adtech and Martech platforms have been utilizing third party-cookies for years to track website visitors, collect data to better personalize and help target ads to the right audiences.The digital marketing world thrived on cookies, but things are about to drastically change. Since 2013, Appleā€™s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (IP) and...
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