Sean DuffySean Duffy is founder of Segmentum, an eCRM strategy & implementation agency, and Reignite, a real-time email personalisation platform.

Sean has been in the email marketing industry since 2003, initially spending 10 years at a start-up ESP, helping establish them as one of the UK's leading email marketing platforms. Since then he has also worked client-side before creating Segmentum in 2015.

Are your personalisation efforts CRISP?


Just this week I saw yet another of those consumer surveys about email marketing commissioned by a tech vendor. Inside there were lots of obvious things that come from leading questions (like ‘Would you like less or more marketing emails in 2024?’. Phrased like that how do you think they’d respond?...

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How customers's unconscious decisions impact your email marketing


As marketers we tend to overthink how our customers feel, and how they interact with the marketing emails we send them. We obsess about what goes into the messages and the schedule, order and cadence of messaging. We’ve designed the campaigns so customers will rationally follow our lovely call-to-action as their...

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The Challenges of Attribution & Email Marketing


In my last article I talked about the problem of using averages in email marketing. But there is of course a more pressing measurement issue with email – attribution. Attribution is the process of identifying and giving credit to the various touchpoints or interactions that contribute to a desired outcome, such...

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The perils of averages for email marketers


Introduction As email marketers we think of ourselves as a data driven decision makers. We have stats coming at us from all angles such as open and click rates, transactional data like average order values and customer data such as time since last shopped. Yet the phrase “lies, damned lies, and...

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How green is your email marketing?


A while ago I saw a press release from an ESP claiming to be net zero. At the same time, I was actively taking an interest in all things green having taken on an electric car. This seems to be the net zero version of a gateway drug to becoming obsessed...

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CRM vs. Email Marketing: How CRM techniques can help us think differently about email


In the B2C world what is the difference between CRM and email marketing? Nowadays the terms seem interchangeable. You only have to see many job ads that refer to CRM Manager who it seems sole responsibility is managing the email channel. Yet I would say there is a significant difference in...

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4 things I’d like to change in the email marketing industry


For those who have had the pleasure (!?) of working with me over the years they’ll probably say I’m partial to a moan or a rant. I’d prefer to spin that as being a critical thinker but yes, there is a lot of truth in that! In all seriousness though no...

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How to improve as an email marketer: 5 Lessons learned from 20 years in email marketing


I’ve realised that as I write this, I’ve just hit 20 years in Email Marketing. Back in August 2002 I started my first job as Marketing Executive for a company that sold computers, printers, and peripherals to government and corporates. This is where, as a fresh-faced (and thinner) graduate I discovered...

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What do we mean by personalisation in email marketing?


According to Bluecore, 57% of brands number one email priority is email personalisation, which is unsurprising considering personalised emails can generate 6-times the transaction rates compared to ‘batch and blast’ (Source: Experian). With the demand for personalisation from email marketers being so high, it’s inevitable that every technological solution under the...

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The 5 ways of increasing revenue from email marketing


What is the best way of increasing revenue from email? Pop onto LinkedIn and you’ll see endless claims and case studies of what works with very specific strategies and approaches. But sometimes it’s useful to simplify the ideas and think more broadly about the best approach. Assuming we only have the...

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Do we ask too much of email?


As much as I’m clearly a fan of the email channel there have been a number of occasions recently where I see clients going to email to solve nearly all the commercial problems in their business. Whatever the problem is, the main action always taken is to send another email or...

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Artificial intelligence solutions for Email Marketing: Do you understand what you are buying?


Back in the 2000s everyone used to ask ESPs what their email delivery rate was. It was a meaningless number but one ESP would quote 98% delivery rates, the next would just claim 99%. Now you get the same questions around 'is your platform AI driven?' and ESPs have added AI...

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Using ‘Strategic Email Personalisation’ to increase the standing of email marketing with the C-Suite


As an email marketer for over 18 years across vendor, client and agency side I’m always struck by how much of our time is spent on tactical initiatives and having the feeling of being a factory producing the same campaigns week after week. It seems to me that most email marketers...

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